I love meeting new couples and families and watching us become friends over the years! But there is truly nothing like growing with clients who have been in your life WAY before your business even existed! I have known Evania and Pedro practically my entire life; we went to school together, we were all in the same fire department, and if you remember, they’ve been in front of my camera quite a few times for the most magical moments of their lives! From engagement session, to maternity session, and now celebrating their baby boy’s first year!! I have been looking forward to meeting baby David ALL year and when I tell you it was even more fun and sweet than I ever imagined, it’s an understatement. I LOVE this little boy! Of all the sessions and all the little babes I’ve been blessed enough to work with over the years, NO ONE has laughed and smiled and played as much as baby David…this kid is a BLAST!

I swear, scrolling through these images, I love each one more than the next. The way he touches mom and dad’s faces, laughs with them and reacts to their kisses..ah! Too cute, too sweet and too dang fun! I can’t wait to watch this little guy grow over the years!! xo