Of all the incredible and sweet families I’ve been blessed to have worked with over the past 11 years and all the connections I’ve made and kept with my clients, none have touched my heart and truly welcomed me into their family like this one! This awesome bunch became instant favorites on my social media accounts for bringing their fur sibling Chewy to their portrait session before human brother Aryeh’s Bar Mitzvah a few years ago!! Flashback!:

So when the family asked me to join them in celebration for Shai’s Bar Mitzvah, I was devastated to learn I would be away on a trip on his big day; but because of a twist of fate (and my truly believing it was meant to be) my trip was cancelled and I got to be there for every. single. moment! Of course our session included a new location, the same heartfelt bellylaughs and some fun and obligatory re-creations of photos taken at Aryeh’s session (meet the newest members of the family…Max the hamster and Reesey the bunny!)

Fun portraits were followed by the most energetic party, filled with (socially distanced!!) dancing, showing off some serious hockey skills and a surprise Stanley Cup for the champ and man of the hour, Shai!

Going through these images while editing them and choosing favorites for this post made me relive every sweet and hilarious moment and I am forever grateful. I am SO proud of Shai and so honored to have been a part of another Sabo Family memory. Mazel Tov!!